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The Strategy Execution Challenge 

Has your organization successfully implemented its Strategic Plan consistently year after year? Has the organization realized the value envisioned in those Strategic Plans? 

If not, you are not alone. The vast majority of organizations experience difficulties in implementing Strategic Plans that they have worked so long and hard to create. Of those that have been successful, many have not consistently repeated their initial success. Many just give up and go into reactive mode, responding only tactically to an ever-changing business environment. 

The Need for Excellence In Transforming the Organization

Most often, the root cause of such difficulties is an inability of the enterprise to effectively coordinate and execute projects and multi-project programs needed for organizational transformation to a new and improved future state. 

Organizational units built to achieve operational efficiency are ill-suited to transform themselves – they need stability to maximize the efficiency of their work. Therefore, organizations also need strong project and program supporting units to manage application of changes, with minimum disruption to core activities. Does your organization have the project and program management skills, methods, and disciplines that are needed to do this? 

What EPIMIA Can Do For You

EPIMIA can help your organization acquire the Project and Program Management (PPM) competencies and capabilities that it needs. EPIMIA is a boutique consultancy specializing in all three levels of PPM capability development:

 ►   Project Management (PM) 

 ►   Program Management (PgM) and  

 ►   Enterprise Program Management (EPM)

which provides coordination and strategic plan alignment of all programs and enterprise-wide project portfolio management